Co-designing writing analytics

Our cutting-edge research in education leads the way in productive and ethical use of data and technology in classrooms. Drawing from the fields of learning analytics, educational data mining, and artificial intelligence in education, the core focus of the research strand is in the integration and implementation of technology to improve teaching and learning practices.

Data literacy for learning data

We have undertaken a number of projects around teacher data literacy and design for learning, and the idea of making learning visible. Much of this work is around how teachers (across sectors) think about the data they use in their practice, and what features of learning processes and products they would like insight into.

Learning About Data and Fairness

In a project led by Kalervo Gulson (USyd), centre members are collaborating with the Gradient Institute and ANU’s Claire Benn to co-design an ‘algorithm game’ intending to explore issues around fairness and data, using the case study of the 2020 UK Exams Algorithm Controversy.