Lori Lockyer

Lori Lockyer


Lori Lockyer is Professor and Executive Dean of the QUT Faculty of Creative Industries, Education and Social Justice at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and was formerly Dean of the UTS Graduate Research School. Lori researches learning technology, student learning and teacher practice in school and university settings. Lori has led and collaborated on research projects supported by $20M+ funding from government and industry sources. Her work is published through over 130 papers and translated to teaching and learning practice contexts through workshops and engagement with the school and university teaching communities. Learn more about her work on learning design and teacher practice.


Recent News

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  • Projects

  • Project: Data literacy for learning data
  • Project: Design for Learning

  • Recent Publications

  • Publication: Self-Regulation in Open-Ended Online Assignment Tasks: The Importance of Initial Task Interpretation and Goal Setting
  • Publication: Data in Practice: A Participatory Approach to Understanding Pre-Service Teachers' Perspectives
  • Publication: Digital Learning Environments, the Science of Learning, and the Relationship between the Teacher and the Learner
  • Publication: Learning Design and Learning Analytics: Snapshot 2020
  • Publication: A Comparative Study on the Traditional and Intensive Delivery of an Online Course: Design and Facilitation Recommendations
  • Publication: Identifying Epistemic Emotions Form Activity Analytics in Interactive Digital Learning Environments.
  • Publication: Puzzle-Solving Activity as an Indicator of Epistemic Confusion
  • Publication: Reproduction and Transformation of Students' Technology Practice: The Tale of Two Distinctive Secondary Student Cases
  • Publication: Seeking Optimal Confusion: A Review on Epistemic Emotion Management in Interactive Digital Learning Environments
  • Publication: The Role of Social Cues in Supporting Students to Overcome Challenges in Online Multi-Stage Assignments