Data literacy for learning data

Photo shows a compass over a sheet of numbers, illustrating use of AI to guide decisions AI or Intelligence Augmentation? Photo by AbsolutVision on Unsplash

We have undertaken a number of projects around teacher data literacy and design for learning, and the idea of making learning visible.

Much of this work is around how teachers (across sectors) think about the data they use in their practice, and what features of learning processes and products they would like insight into. The intent is not to assess data literacy, or to directly translate these discussions into products, but rather to explore the potential (and limitations) of data and technologies with teachers, to understand their practice and how data-informed technologies may support this.

We have also used interviews to investigate the particular reasoning and design practices of instructors using learning analytics, and quasi-experimental methods with surveys and assessment outcomes to compare student outcomes in the context of different tools and designs for learning.

You can view one simple workshop design we used to elicit discussion in the embed below:

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Simon Knight
Simon Knight
Senior Lecturer and Director of CREDS

Dr Simon Knight is a senior lecturer in the Transdisciplinary School, co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Learning Analytics, and Director of CREDS. Simon researches how people find, use, and evaluate evidence.

Jane Hunter
Jane Hunter

Dr Jane Hunter is an Associate Professor in teacher education in the School of International Studies and Education.

Lori Lockyer
Lori Lockyer

Lori researches learning technology, student learning and teacher practice in school and university settings.