Simon Knight

Simon Knight

Senior Lecturer and Director of CREDS


Transdisciplinary School

Dr Simon Knight is a senior lecturer in the Transdisciplinary School, co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Learning Analytics, and Director of CREDS. Simon researches how people find, use, and evaluate evidence. Simon has researched how people evaluate sources on socio-scientific topics, such as climate change, impacts of technology, and nutrition topics, seen through the lens of epistemic cognition. Simon is particularly interested in how educators use and evaluate evidence, including their use of learning analytics ? the use of data from learning activity, to understand and support that learning.

  • Epistemic Cognition
  • Learning Analytics
  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Argumentation and Evidence use
  • PhD in Learning Analytics, 2015

    Open University


Recent News

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  • Projects

  • Project: Citelearn: investigating verifiability and citation through a tool design
  • Project: Co-designing writing analytics
  • Project: Data literacy for learning data
  • Project: Design for Learning
  • Project: Dialogue for Learning and the Role of Technology
  • Project: Learning About Data and Fairness
  • Project: Technologies for 21st Century Self-and-Peer-Assessment (REVIEW)
  • Project: Technology, Mediation, and the Nature of Knowledge

  • Recent Publications

  • Publication: Responsible Learning Analytics: Creating Just, Ethical, and Caring Learning Analytics Systems
  • Publication: Workshop on Technologies to Support Critical Thinking in an Age of Misinformation
  • Publication: AcaWriter: A Learning Analytics Tool for Formative Feedback on Academic Writing
  • Publication: Are You Being Rhetorical? A Description of Rhetorical Move Annotation Tools and Open Corpus of Sample Machine-Annotated Rhetorical Moves
  • Publication: Augmenting Assessment with Learning Analytics
  • Publication: Data in Practice: A Participatory Approach to Understanding Pre-Service Teachers' Perspectives
  • Publication: Data Literacies and Social Justice: Exploring Critical Data Literacies through Sociocultural Perspectives
  • Publication: Educator Perspectives on Learning Analytics in Classroom Practice
  • Publication: How to Provide Automated Feedback on the Writing Process? A Participatory Approach to Design Writing Analytics Tools
  • Publication: Implementing Learning Analytics for Learning Impact: Taking Tools to Task