Kirsty Kitto

Kirsty Kitto


Kirsty Kitto is an Associate Professor in the Connected Intelligence Centre, where she models the many ways in which humans interact with information, and how this can change as a result of the different contexts in which people find themselves. She is working towards providing unified mathematical and computational models of contextuality, which often results in apparently complex and unpredictable human behaviour. She publishes papers in journals covering fields such as Complex Systems Science, Cognitive Science, Psychology and Computer Science. Kirsty is an Associate Professor in the UTS Connected Intelligence Centre, which specialises in Educational Data Science and Human-Centred Design to develop interactive tools that help leaders, analysts, educators and students uncover new insights.

  • Learning Analytics
  • Learning Design
  • Quantum Cognition
  • Skills Modelling


Recent News

  • Post: Algorithms can decide your marks, your work prospects and your financial security. How do you know they’re fair?
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  • Projects

  • Project: Co-designing writing analytics
  • Project: Design for Learning
  • Project: Learning About Data and Fairness
  • Project: Tailored Recruitment Analytics and Curriculum Knowledge (TRACK)

  • Recent Publications

  • Publication: Combining Factor Analysis with Writing Analytics for the Formative Assessment of Written Reflection
  • Publication: Is Contextuality about the Identity of Random Variables?
  • Publication: Modelling Spatial Behaviours in Clinical Team Simulations Using Epistemic Network Analysis: Methodology and Teacher Evaluation
  • Publication: Quantum Mathematics in Artificial Intelligence
  • Publication: Responsible Learning Analytics: Creating Just, Ethical, and Caring Learning Analytics Systems
  • Publication: What Can Analytics for Teamwork Proxemics Reveal about Positioning Dynamics in Clinical Simulations?
  • Publication: Curriculum Profile: Modelling the Gaps between Curriculum and the Job Market
  • Publication: Technical Democracy in Educational Decision Making
  • Publication: The Absence of a Media Literacy Toolbox: Working towards an Evaluation Tool
  • Publication: Towards Skills-Based Curriculum Analytics: Can We Automate the Recognition of Prior Learning?