Jane Hunter

Jane Hunter


Dr Jane Hunter is an Associate Professor in teacher education in the School of International Studies and Education. Her research in schools focuses on building teacher agency in pedagogy and curriculum in a range of disciplines, most recently in Integrated STEM. It reinforces the importance of continuous teacher professional learning through ongoing university-school partnerships. The pedagogical framework for technology-enhanced learning featured in her first book Technology integration and High Possibility Classrooms: Building from TPACK (2015) led innovation and changes to practice in Australian schools; her second book High Possibility STEM Schools: Integrated STEM Learning in Research and Practice (2021) has 10 critical new directions for K-12 schools.

  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Technology Integration
  • Integrated STEM


Recent News

  • Post: STEM education in primary schools will fall flat unless serious issues are addressed

  • Projects

  • Project: Data literacy for learning data
  • Project: High Possibility Classrooms
  • Project: Technologies for 21st Century Self-and-Peer-Assessment (REVIEW)
  • Project: Technology Supported Professional Learning Networks

  • Recent Publications

  • Publication: Data in Practice: A Participatory Approach to Understanding Pre-Service Teachers' Perspectives
  • Publication: Engineering: The Missing Link in STEM and STEAM Education in Schools
  • Publication: High Possibility STEM Classrooms: Integrated STEM Learning in Research and Practice
  • Publication: Integrated STEM in Australian Public Schools: Opening up Possibilities for Effective Teacher Professional Learning
  • Publication: Learning-Centred Translucence: An Approach to Understand How Teachers Talk about Classroom Data
  • Publication: STEAM Games Are Good for Learning: A Study of Teachers Professional Development in the Philippines
  • Publication: The Pedagogy of Courage: Critical Aboriginal Football Education in Australia's Northern Territory
  • Publication: Building Capacity and Confidence in Middle Level School Leaders in STEM: Research in NSW Public Schools.
  • Publication: It's All about the Middle: Placing a Pedagogical Framework at the Center of Practice in STEM Education
  • Publication: Outcomes Study Report: Impact of STEAM and Game Based Learning Grants Programs in Improving Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes, and Building Teacher Skills in Technology łdots