Evaluating apps and technologies for learning

A range of mobile apps exist to support teachers and students across disciplines, including in science education. Using the ipac framework and approaches from computer science a number of analyses have been conducted of such apps and their educational aspects including supported pedagogies.

High Possibility Classrooms

High Possibility Classrooms (HPC) is a framework for pedagogy that supports teachers to think through their planning, the subject matter they teach, and the ways learning can be reimagined through innovative uses of technology to engage and motivate students.

Justice Pedagogy and Active Digital Citizenship

Work led by Keith Heggart explores civics and citizenship education from the perspectives of practitioners and participants, and especially the role that technology enhanced learning fulfils within this field. As part of the Justice Pedagogy framework, engagement, advocacy and critical interrogation of the public sphere (however and wherever it manifests) is central to the development of active citizens.

Maths Inside

The Maths Inside project offers a series of eight maths lessons that are based on real research projects that are undertaken by CSIRO researchers and mathematicians. They offer insights as to how maths is used to solve research problems.