Sandra Schuck

Sandra Schuck


Sandy Schuck is Professor of Education and past Director of Research Training in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology Sydney. Her research interests include teacher education futures, teacher professional learning, technology-enhanced learning, development of mobile pedagogies, mentoring, retention and induction of early career teachers, and beliefs and practices in mathematics education. She has authored or co-authored over sixty publications, including the co-authoring or co-editing of four scholarly academic books with Springer, over ten book chapters and over fifty journal articles in leading journals. Professor Schuck has been awarded over two million dollars in competitive research grants.


Recent News

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  • Projects

  • Project: Maths Inside
  • Project: Mobile Pedagogies

  • Recent Publications

  • Publication: Career Change Student Teachers: Lessons Learnt from Their in-School Experiences
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  • Publication: Education in Precarious Times: A Comparative Study across Six Countries to Identify Design Priorities for Mobile Learning in a Pandemic
  • Publication: Evaluating Education Apps from a Sociocultural Perspective
  • Publication: Evolution of the iPAC Mobile Pedagogical Framework
  • Publication: Innovative Mobile Pedagogies with School-Aged Learners
  • Publication: Introducing Maths inside and the Australian Maths and Science Partnerships Program (AMSPP)