Dilek Cetindamar Kozanoglu

Dilek Cetindamar Kozanoglu


Dilek is an Associate Professor in the UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT, where she leads the Digital Transformation Management research cluster, which focuses on the transformation of business and society through digital technology and innovations. Dilek’s research interests are in Digital Transformations, Entrepreneurship, and Technology & Innovation Management. Her research has investigated the conditions for technology innovation, and the evaluation of technologies and their implementation across organisations.



  • Project: Digital and AI Literacy for Professionals

  • Recent Publications

  • Publication: Achieving the Triple Bottom Line through Big Data Analytics
  • Publication: Deploying Ambidexterity through Better Management Practices: An Investigation Based on High-Variety, Low-Volume Manufacturing
  • Publication: The Role of Employees in Digital Transformation: A Preliminary Study on How Employees' Digital Literacy Impacts Use of Digital Technologies
  • Publication: Turkish Students Fight for Autonomy and Democracy
  • Publication: Understanding Big Data Analytics Capability and Sustainable Supply Chains
  • Publication: Unlocking the Relationship between Corporate Entrepreneurship and Firm Performance
  • Publication: Unraveling the Dynamics of Immigrant Engineers' Full-Utilization in Australia
  • Publication: Assessing Big Data Analytics Capability and Sustainability in Supply Chains
  • Publication: Enabling Strategic Agility through Dynamic Cloud Capability
  • Publication: Exploring the Knowledge Spillovers of a Technology in an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem – the Case of Artificial Intelligence in Sydney