Darrall Thompson

Darrall Thompson


Darrall is a Senior Lecturer and honorary associate of the School of International Studies and Education. He has held leadership positions in the School of Design including Associate Head of School and Director of Teaching and Learning. Darrall has won numerous awards for innovation in teaching and technology enhanced learning. He was also the recipient of the UTS Equity, diversity and social justice award for organisation and supervision of community projects Darrall is the author of over 30 publications on innovative approaches to developing student capacities. These publications focus on critical approaches to developing graduate attributes and quality criteria, the role of technology-enhanced learning, and development of students' capabilities in self-assessment and evaluative judgement Darrall research and design thinking are embodied in software he has developed called REVIEW; a criteria-based system used for enhancing assessment and evaluation capabilities among staff and students in university and school settings.



  • Project: Technologies for 21st Century Self-and-Peer-Assessment (REVIEW)

  • Recent Publications

  • Publication: Future-Proofing Postgraduate Learning and Assessment Strategies for Deeper Learning
  • Publication: Digital Based Media Design: The Innovative Contribution of Design Graduates from Vocational and Higher Education Sectors
  • Publication: Selecting the Right Tool for the Job: The Impact of Assessment Modes in Promoting Performance and Fostering Student Judgment in Graduate Attributes
  • Publication: Engaging with Graduate Attributes through Encouraging Accurate Student Self-Assessment
  • Publication: Efficient Pre-Assessment Intervention to Enhance Student Judgements Using ReView
  • Publication: The Development of Student Judgement: The Role of Practice in Grade Prediction
  • Publication: Does Students' Practice in Grade Prediction Calibrate Their Judgement?
  • Publication: Encouraging Student Self-Assessment: Activation via an Online System-ReView
  • Publication: Improving Systemic Approaches to Innovation Skills Integration in the Creative Industries
  • Publication: Online Self-and Peer Assessment for Groupwork