Justice Pedagogy and Active Digital Citizenship

Work led by Keith Heggart explores civics and citizenship education from the perspectives of practitioners and participants, and especially the role that technology enhanced learning fulfils within this field. As part of the Justice Pedagogy framework, engagement, advocacy and critical interrogation of the public sphere (however and wherever it manifests) is central to the development of active citizens.

Social Movements and Social Media

Social media platforms of various kinds are used across communities to keep in touch, and share experiences and information. However, social media environments also mediate communities' interactions with each other, and with this information.

Youth Global Digital Citizenship

Led by Amelia Johns (at UTS) the ARC Discovery project, Fostering Global Digital Citizenship: Diasporic Youth in a Connected World, aims to understand how young Australians think about and express their digital citizenship in secondary school classes and in their everyday digital and social media use.