Evaluating apps and technologies for learning

A range of mobile apps exist to support teachers and students across disciplines, including in science education. Using the ipac framework and approaches from computer science a number of analyses have been conducted of such apps and their educational aspects including supported pedagogies.

Mobile Pedagogies

The iPAC Framework highlights three approaches that are distinctive to mobile learning: Personalisation, Authenticity and Collaboration (or ‘PAC’). How learners experience these signature mobile pedagogies is influenced by how they exploit a more flexible ‘time-space’ (or context) when learning with mobile devices.

Technology Supported Professional Learning Networks

Projects in this space have investigated teacher professional development and professional learning networks (PLNs) and the role of technology in supporting these. Visit the Teacher Professional Learning Networks site In the video-case below, UTS pre-service teachers discuss their use of self-initiated online PLNs (top RHS of Table above) to support their development as teachers.