Teachers, Technology and Design


Deciding how best to combine good learning tasks and appropriately supportive technology is becoming increasingly complicated. Teachers in higher education are struggling with rising expectations about graduate capabilities, a diversifying intake, increasing pressure on time and a dizzying proliferation of technology options. One response we are seeing is a strengthening interest in taking a more design-based approach to tackling what many would see as ‘wicked problems’ (Luckin, 2010; Hoadley, 2010; Goodyear & Retalis, 2010). This symposium provides an opportunity to discuss some of the latest insights from research on teachers' experiences with the tools and methods of educational design (aka ‘design for learning’).

ASCILITE 2010-The Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary łdots
Lori Lockyer
Lori Lockyer

Lori researches learning technology, student learning and teacher practice in school and university settings.