Tailored Recruitment Analytics and Curriculum Knowledge (TRACK)

A new strategic project, TRACK, is using data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence to help students make good decisions to land their dream job. It’s also helping UTS design curriculum that anticipates the skills required in the workplace of the future.

Some UTS students know what they want to be, but don’t know what they need to study to get there. Others know what they’re interested in or good at, but can’t quite work out how to link subject choices to potential career outcomes.

How can we use data, analytics and Artificial Intelligence to help our students make sound decisions about which subjects to take and land their dream job in an increasingly uncertain job market?

Kirsty Kitto
Kirsty Kitto
Associate Professor

Kirsty Kitto is an Associate Professor in the Connected Intelligence Centre, where she models the many ways in which humans interact with information, and how this can change as a result of the different contexts in which people find themselves.