Tracey-Ann Palmer

Tracey-Ann Palmer


Tracey-Ann Palmer BTeach, BSc(Hons), MBA, PhD is a lecturer and researcher in initial teacher education at UTS specialising in science education and educational psychology. She has worked in research science (biochemistry) and as a manager for two scientific personnel consultancies. She has experience in the finance industry in the areas of marketing, product management and project management. She has lectured in marketing, organisational behaviour and currently teaches primary science and technology, curriculum integration and adolescent educational psychology at the UTS. She has also been involved in a number of research projects at the UTS aimed at enhancing the quality of primary and secondary science teaching in Australian schools. She is working on two major research topics. First is understanding how students choose their subjects for their final years of school and how this impacts choice of science. Second is ScienceSing, a project to create song-based educational resources that engage children with science. Tracey-Ann has skills in project management, traditional and leading edge research methodologies (including Best-Worst Scaling) and data analysis techniques (including NVIVO). She has two daughters and loves to sing, dance salsa and paint watercolours.


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