Heather Ford

Heather Ford


Associate Professor Heather Ford is Head of Discipline for Digital and Social Media in the School of Communications at UTS. She has a background working for global technology corporations and non-profits in the US, UK, South Africa and Kenya. A former Google Policy Fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, former Executive Director of iCommons and co-founder of Creative Commons South Africa, her research focuses on the social implications of media technologies and the ways in which they might be better designed to prevent misinformation, social exclusion, and algorithmic bias.



  • Project: Citelearn: investigating verifiability and citation through a tool design
  • Project: Technology, Mediation, and the Nature of Knowledge

  • Recent Publications

  • Publication: How Accountable Are Digital Platforms?
  • Publication: Rise of the Underdog
  • Publication: Dialogue of the Deaf: Listening on Twitter and Democratic Responsiveness during the 2015 South African State of the Nation Address
  • Publication: Newsbots That Mediate Journalist and Audience Relationships
  • Publication: Beyond Notification: Filling Gaps in Peer Production Projects
  • Publication: Anyone Can Edit'. Not Everyone Does. Wikipedia and the Gender Gap
  • Publication: The Search for Wikipedia's Edges
  • Publication: Keeping Ottawa Honest—One Tweet at a Time? Politicians, Journalists, Wikipedians, and Their Twitter Bots
  • Publication: Provenance, Power and Place: Linked Data and Opaque Digital Geographies
  • Publication: Barriers to the Localness of Volunteered Geographic Information