Bhuva Narayan

Bhuva Narayan


Bhuva Narayan is Associate Professor, Digital Social Media, in the School of Communication at UTS, and the Graduate Research Coordinator for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. She has a background in the book, publishing and library industry in the U.S., India, Japan, and Australia. Bhuva’s research covers social media and technology use across a wide spectrum of sectors including education, health information, grassroots activism, professional networking, and scholarly publishing. Bhuva is interested in research questions related to knowledge translation and media use by governments and citizens, with a focus on people’s information practices (cognitive, affective, and epistemic), technology use, technology design, and privacy literacy. Bhuva uses qualitative methodologies including diary studies, digital ethnography, social media analysis, interviews, observations, and other participatory methodologies. Her interdisciplinary research projects involve industry collaboration, creative innovation, and design thinking.


Recent Publications

  • Publication: Behind Closed Gates: The Barriers to Self-Expression and Publication for Australian Young Adult Authors of OwnVoices Fiction
  • Publication: Big Data and the Internet of Things: Current Industry Practices and Their Implications for Consumer Privacy and Privacy Literacy
  • Publication: Identifying Inclusion: Publishing Industry Trends and the Lack Of# OwnVoices Australian Young Adult Fiction
  • Publication: March 2021 Editorial
  • Publication: Co-Experience on Twitter: A Study of Information Technology Professionals
  • Publication: Editorial June 2020
  • Publication: Editorial March 2020
  • Publication: Identification and Classification of Cyberbullying Posts: A Recurrent Neural Network Approach Using under-Sampling and Class Weighting
  • Publication: The Expectations That We Be Educators'': The View of Australian Authors Young Adult Fiction on Their OwnVoices Novels as ``Windows'' for Learning about Marginalized Experiences
  • Publication: The Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults, Volume 11, No. 1