Amelia Johns

Amelia Johns


Amelia Johns is a Senior Lecturer in Digital and Social Media. Her work spans digital media and citizenship studies, with a focus on young people’s negotiation of racism, political engagement and activism, digital literacy and safety across networked and closed platforms and publics. She primarily uses digital ethnography and qualitative methods in her research. Her work has been recognised with two Facebook awards, one which is aimed at mapping and predicting the diffusion of misinformation and hate speech across social media platforms. She is also an ARC Discovery grant recipient for the project ‘Fostering Global Digital Citizenship: Diasporic Youth in a Connected World’. She is author of two books, Battle for the Flag (2015) and Negotiating Digital Citizenship: Control, Contest, Culture (with A McCosker and S Vivienne, 2016).  



  • Project: Social Movements and Social Media
  • Project: Youth Global Digital Citizenship

  • Recent Publications

  • Publication: Dark
  • Publication: Introduction: Ten Years of WhatsApp: The Role of Chat Apps in the Formation and Mobilization of Online Publics
  • Publication: This Will Be the WhatsApp Election: Crypto-Publics and Digital Citizenship in Malaysia's GE14 Election
  • Publication: Youth, Social Cohesion and Digital Life: From Risk and Resilience to a Global Digital Citizenship Approach
  • Publication: Becoming More like WhatsApp Won't Solve Facebook's Woes– Here's Why
  • Publication: Feeling the Chill: Bersih 2.0, State Censorship, and ``Networked Affect'' on Malaysian Social Media 2012– 2018
  • Publication: After Cronulla:`Where the Bloody Hell Are We Now?'
  • Publication: Collaborative Partnerships and Gatekeepers in Online Research Recruitment
  • Publication: Critical Global Citizenship: Contextualising Citizenship and Globalisation